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Welcome to Geek in a Golf Cart

Hi! I'm Kathy and this is my website called Geek in a Golf Cart. I live in a golf community and around here, EVERYONE drives a golf cart. Up until September, 2015, I was self-employed as a computer technician. Today, I'm retired, yes -- RETIRED!!!!!!!! I've spent most of my days since then working on the computer... Can you believe that? I just retired and you would think I'd be sitting in front of the TV eating Bon Bons... Nope, not me, I'm planning my next course of action!

Right now I'm working at tweaking this website so it works for the new retired ME. I want to do a lot more blogging. Of course, I'll still talk about computers, but I have so much more than that swimming around in my brain and I'm finally taking the opportunity to tell you about all the stuff that's in my head.

I'll talk about computers (of course) but sooooo much more! I'll take you into the world of crafting, eCommerce, social media and whatever else you would like to talk about. Just let me know by clicking Contact Us below.

Tell your friends to stop by and we'll make it a party! At the bottom of the page you'll see lots of ways to share the website.  The more the merrier!

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